I was first introduced to KETO by two of my really good friends. At first I could not believe let alone grasp the concept that "EATING HIGH FAT" would cause me to lose weight. I wanted to test KETO for myself so, I began to learn more about it. The first few days were extremely difficult as my body was constantly craving sugar. I thought the cravings were never going to end! Approximately 3 days later I woke up with mass amounts of energy. I didn't need to drink my usual cup of coffee nor was I hungry as usual. I knew I was in Ketosis and I felt great! I continued the diet for a few more days and I became obsessed. I wanted to know everything there was about a ketogenic diet. I spent many months reading everything I could find and talking to several nutritionist and doctors. I was seeing results like crazy, for once I was finally happy with my physique and most importantly I was healthy. I wanted everyone to know how great KETO made me feel. During this time my friends, family members, and even a few random people became intrigued with my success and started doing it too! Everyone was amazed by the results and it made me incredibly happy that I made differences in their lives and I enjoyed seeing how happy everyone was by losing weight and finally seeing the results they battled against for so long! It was then that I decided to get certified as a personal trainer so, I can help as many people as I can. Wether one is wanting to lose weight, tone up, bulk-up, or simply just wanting to be a bit more healthy; I truly want to help. I know through my knowledge, skills, and positivity I can help anyone accomplish any goal. KETO or any DIET doesn't have to be difficult, I specifically tailor everything for my clients and all they have to do is follow my simple meal plans, fitness plans, or a combination of both in order to maximize results. Whatever challenge may arise, I am always here for my clients no matter what time of the day or night it may be. I truly mean "WE WORK TOGETHER."

                                                                                             -HENRY MALDONADO

It’s incredible how fast and easy it was for me to turn my life around.
— Erin Aiken - client


  • Lose Fat
  • Build Muscle
  • Be Healthy
  • Be Happier
  • Get Lean
  • Train Harder
  • Get Results!
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Fitness 
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Stay Fit
  • Think Sharper